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In Remembrance

As we paddle down the river of life, many houses surround us. We never think that one could be suddenly taken away.....


As Americans, we need to unite against this tragedy. We must prove to other countries that Americas strength goes beyond our economic and military strength. The people's hearts of this country are the just as strong, if not more. So unite, and leave your mark on the site. Leave your thoughts, and leave any anger you feel in words. Not actions. Don't attack other citizens, express your anger in words. They hurt more than actions anyway...

In response to the tragedy on Sept. 11, 2001 I have decided to set up this page in memory of those lost, those who suffered, and those who are still suffering. Every last fire fighter, every last citizen, every last police officer, and every last paramedic and doctor deserve to be thanked.

That is the purpose of this page. To thank them in any way possible. Be thanksful that there are people out there who will risk their life for you. Be proud to be an American.

I ask that everyone take five minutes of silence EVERYDAY at least until everyone is retrieved from the two sites. Even if they are dead. And in this moment of silence, pray for he lost souls, and pray that no one strays from the Lord. He is the savior, and in him you can find peace.

Suggested Prayer:
Dear Lord, in this time of need, help all those who require your love. Leave no one alone, and assure that everyone is cared for. Assure all the souls a safe trip to your kingdom, and console all those who feel the loss of a loved one, as only you can. Because you are the light, and you are the Lord, to you we turn. We leave our lives, and our futures in your hands, as we know you always do what is right.


Disclaimer: Not all opinions that are diplayed on this site are not necessarily something I, or others, agree with. You do not have to agree with them.