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In Remembrance
Your Thoughts


Your Thoughts

As we paddle down the river of life, many houses surround us. We never think that one could be suddenly taken away.....

Everyone has an opinion. And I think it would be good to allow others to know your thoughts. Just send an e-mail to me at:

to tell me your thoughts. I will post ANY thoughts. No matter what*. You just have to be willing to have your e-mail available for people to e-mail you if they want to. To respond to someone else's words, you can e-mail them, or just send your response to their e-mail to me. And I will post it. It may take some time for e-mails to come in. Getting on the internet to check to see if a web site updated is not a top priority of everyone. And I as well do not have much time to get on and post e-mails. I am not sure how to cope with this, so I am thinking a lot lately. And professors are relentless on giving homework. Even in this time on unsureness throughout the country. But do not let that stop you from sending your thoughts to
me. I will check my e-mail every single day possible. And update as soon as possible.

* subject to change. If I see it unfit, I will not post it. Most 99.99% of all e-mails sent to me will be posted