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Amadea has an older brother, which she lives with. Her parents were rarely around when she was young, and still aren't. They are huge business executives, and are constantly busy.

Amadea loves to be outside, all seasons, anytime of day. She frequently sleeps outside, star gazing. When she is inside for too long, she gets ancy and gets annoyed by the fact that she is inside.

She is also athletic since she is always outside hiking, walking, and the such. She enjoys track and plans to get a scholarship for it.

More to come soon.....

Hair: Light Brown-wavy
Eyes: Light Blue
Skin Tone: Tan (from the sun)
Ethnicity: not decided at this point

* I have no idea where I heard the name Amadea, if I made it up, or what ever. I was just sitting there trying to think of the name, and it popped into my head. If I "stole" it from you, let me know. And if you can prove it, I'll give you credit for her name. Thanks a bunch.