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My Rant

ok...I was looking through the web sites for Ronin Warriors the other day, and I came across a few things that bothered the hell out of me.

One of the biggest ones is sites that have shut down. I TOTALLY understand people deciding to not update any more. You loose interest..whatever...thats fine. But WHY would you keep your site up, when it sucks?? Half the links dont even work, fanfics unfinished, and last updated 2 years ago. And don't forget the *promise* to update soon....::rolls eyes:: I hate sites like that. If you keep your site up......thats fine. Just write a little note at your home page so I dont start reading an unfinished fanfic. That was why Malaca's fanfic was deleted from my page. No new chapters. I HATE reading fanfics that are unfinished, so I deleted it from my page.

Next is people saying you have to ask to get pictures from their pages. They dont OWN the pictures unless they drew them. If you scanned them or fixed them up or something, I can understand that too. But people who get pictures from OTHER people's sites and then make people ask to use the pictures...and put a LIMIT on it?! Its stupid. You got those pictures from other people, so you can't do that. It bothers me so much because people actually do it "You can only have four pictures from my site maximum, and you have to ask. I'll think about it, and get back to you." You dont own them, the creators of RW do. You just use them. So dont try and claim them and stop people from using them.

Stupid fanfics bother me too. I would never say that I am an awesome writer, I think I need improvement. But at least I KNOW that. There are some idiotic fanfics out there, I am telling you. Such over used ideas, with over used types of main characters. So many new armors, more powerful than the Ronins'. ::Rolls eyes:: I am not saying there aren't any good ones. Sayuri is writing one in fact. Just be ORIGINAL and write decently. Is that so hard? If you cant write good, dont post it. And think outside the box. The thing that bothers me the most....::laughs:: oh my gosh...people, I swear....I can stand over used, unoriginal ideas. But THIS I hate. I can't stand it. When a Ronin falls in love with the lead female character, who is absolutely beautiful and flawless, like that ::snaps fingers:: WTF?! Have I accidentally skipped a few chapters? They kind of like each other in one chapter, and are confessing their undying love the next one. Huh? This isn't Romeo and Juliet here. Love does not happen at first sight. "Her beauty captivated him. He couldn't take his eyes way from her." That isn't LOVE. That is another four letter word called LUST. Very different things mind you. I can't stand when people do that. They dont show the process of the two falling in love, and yet expect the readers to believe they are SOOOO much in love. I understand if you begin the fanfic with them together. But add a few scenes showing how close they are. Take time to develop the characters a little. You need a base before you go into the fanfic. Let us know a little about the chic before you hook her up with Rowen. And don't use yourself! Please people...we all know it would be soooo awesome to hook up with Cye, but don't do it in your fanfics. I do not like fanfics where people put themselves as the main character because they compromise the story so much (usually. there is some exceptions of course). Love happens so fast, their armor is *so* powerful, and they are so beautiful that it is unbelievable. They have an hour glass figure, silky, flowing hair, a beautiful personality, and so much more. Yeah right. The fact of life is people like that do NOT exist. I will admit that when I read fanfics, in my mind I picture everyone beautiful. That is partially my fault as a reader. But you as a writer should offer me with a description of her, so I don't think like that. And don't start your fanfics with a description of her. Tie it in with the fanfic. It isnt' THAT hard. I do not care if you put yourself in the fanifc, if that is your thing, more power to you. It is just that the writers are often writing so they can join the trend of writing fanfics and so they can get with a Ronin. They compromise every aspect of writing. Little detail, flawless beauty, little look into feelings, and the list goes on and on.

Geeze...I intended this thing to be all short. Look at it now ::laughs:: I had a lot of frustrations to get out. Ok, I am done. Thanks for reading...I feel better :)


ps: keep in mind I am peeved as I am writing this. But my feelings are just the same.