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Welcome To the Ronin Warriors Profiles!

Clan of A Maestro


Know whats scary? I know which episdode this came from.
dun dun dun....

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There isn't much to say here except that this is the place where all my work is really put to use. I decided to do it this way because it is better than putting the profiles straight down the page without organization. I can't stand unorganization, so this is the only way :)

I don't plan on just plopping all information I have on the site at once. If I do, you'll have no reason to come back :) The first agenda is the stats. That's just standard information that anyone can get by going to any site that they decide. The Personal Info. is where I put the info. of stuff like the Ronin's personality, his thoughts about stuff, and his life. For Mia and Yulie (or Ulie) I will put other things instead of armor info, like role and all that. It's going to be a place of much info!! (it will just take time!)

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Clan of A Maestro


11/3/01 No comment on how long its been since I updated. But I did add lots of info for Rowen. Yay. I think I am going to forget the whole stats thing. I keep forgetting to do it. Ill put their b-days somewhere in the personal info or something. Im sure you all know thier armor colors and names. If you don't, look for it somewheres else :) And I dont think Ill make one for Mia or Yuli (or Ulie). I dont know their personalities, and personaly, I dont care. I dont hate them or anything. And I will admit they did make a difference in the story line, as well as save a few of the Ronins asses a few times. But I dont feel like making one for them. I know like NOTHING about them, and putting a page about nothing our there is a waste of internet space, and a waste of your time to wait for it to load. So there you go. Im doing this for you :)