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Are you an annoyed, pissed off fan? Or do you just want Ronin Warriors BACK on TV?

Well I know that I personally want the show back. I don't know of a fan who doesn't. The number of sites on the web devoted to only Ronin Warriors is dropping. The number of sites WITH Ronin Warriors even on them are dropping. Everyone who is a fan knows this. And a lot of sites SUCK that are out there. Like this one. ^.^

The only possible way to fix this little problem is to get the 'troops' enthused again. And besides, why WOULDN'T we want the show back on, regardless of the number or quality of sites. It has been awhile since the show last aired on cable...and I for one miss it. So many fans out there go to sites, love the show, and yet they are ignored. And then Cartoon Network puts Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon on all the time. That makes me REALLY mad. So I am making a petition.

If you are wondering why I chose to make a petition, the reason is simple. I TRIED to find a petition and couldn't. Maybe I didn't look right or something. But I want the show back and this is the only way I know how. If you wish to sign it, then simply email me with your name and at least the state. It will look more personal if you want to add your town or county or what ever..but it is not required. I will put a list of people who decide to petition below this message as soon as I have around 5 or 10 people. Then I will add to the list every time I update. Once we have a large number I will send the email to Cartoon Network. Thanks!

*Note: I will also post the message top be sent to Cartoon Network here so you know what it will say