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Clan of a Maestro

The Shrine

Ligar Zero.jpg

Pictured above: Ligar Zero

I've never been a BIG fan of shrines. What's the point? I mean, most people who have a shrine are for characters already on the web page. Like having a "Kento Shrine" on this site seems...stupid? Pointless? A waste of time? Any of the above are acceptable. BUT I came across this awsome show called Zoids. It is on every morning at 6:30 am on Cartoon Network (sometimes I love that channel) and also on at 4:30 pm and it is on the same channel. But I like this show and there is now way in hell I am going to make another web site...uh way. One is enough for me! So here it is..and remember its NOT done yet...dont judge me!


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Bit Cloud was a parts dealer who took broken off pieces of Zoids from battle sites to sell. His dream was the find all the best parts and find the best Zoid. Then to fight with it. While on his quest for all the best parts, to make a long story shorter, he met up with the Blitz Team and began to pilot Ligar Zero. Ligar Zero never let anyone in its cockpit without freaking out and throwing a tantrum. But Zero invited Bit in and the two have become the best team since. With the help of Zero and Bit, the Blitz team soon gets into Class S.

Next is Leena. Her father is Doctor Tauros, who is the 'leader' of the Blitz Team. He doesn't battle or anything, he just sorta owns the team. Anyway, Leena is self-proclaimed "trigger-happy" and isn't afraid to show it. She likes to shoot a mass amount of arsenals at her enemy at one time, laughing histerically as she does so. She also loves herself a lot. As shown in the episode where Harry and Bit battle over her. Well...Bit just wants to battle...Harry wants to win Leena.
Pilots: Dibison first and now Gun Sniper

Doctor Tauros LOVES to spend money and can often be found playing with his miniature zoids while Bit, Leena, and Brad fight a real battle. He seems like he knows what he is doing on minute...and lost the next. I dont know about this

Leon is Leena's brother, and thus the son of Doctor Tauros. He is a great warrior and the only one who believed in Bit when he first began piloting Zero. After he met Bit, he decided he wanted to explore the world and find the perfect partner, just like Bit did. He leaves the Blitz Team and finds the rare Blade Ligar and joins the Flugal Team, with Naomi Flugal.
Pilots: First Command Wolf then Shadow Fox

Bit looking up.jpg

Leena Smiling.jpg



Note One: notice the little helmet in the top corner? There is a reason I chose this backround...and that is it. know...yeah..helmet...hopefull you get what I mean by now...

Note Two: So far all pictures in this shrine have been given to me by So email her and tell her thanks!!!!!!!