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Note: A lot more info. will be posted for Rowen. And there is one reason for that. IT IS NOT BECAUSE ROWEN IS MY FAVORITE! I hate when people do that. They shoove their favorite character down your throat and hate on the others. Frankly, it pisses my off. Ahem..anyways. Rowen has more here because in my current fanfic, Rowen is a key character. And he is not a key character because he is my favorite. After discussion, me and Sayuri agreed Rowen would fit best in the story. Thus I have spent months developing him into a specific individual. I know him like I know my bestfriend for godness sakes. However, I do not claim this to be all actual reality. I do not claim any of this to be reality. Because in reality, they don't exist. And I DON'T know how the creators wanted them to be seen and so forth. This is just how I see Rowen Hashiba in MY mind. You do not have to agree with it.

It is common knowledge that Rowen's parent are in fact divorced. And in just about every fanfic they are not together. (Except the ones that take place before the divorce) But I have a different view on this than most people do. At least I think I do. In my mind, Rowen's father did not beat him. I just don't see it. If Rowen was beaten, he would be abusive, and from what I see, he is anything but. Also, I think it was a more mutual thing. His father didn't storm out of the house, leaving them with nothing. And another thing, to me, Rowen is not dirt poor. His father is a genious. Wouldn't he have a good job? Come on people. I still do think they had rough times. Maybe they got into debt or something, resulting in a less than wonderful life. Debt sucks and can ruin some stuff in peoples lives. I also think the next thing I think is totaly off the wall compared to what most people think. To me, Rowen's mother was cheating on his father. I dont remember how I can across that thought, but I did. This is not based on any "factual" information. I was just thinking, "what could make them seperate?" And people cheating is a big issue these days. I dont know about over in Japan, but hey, I know like no Japanese customs. So thats sums up my thoughts on his parents.


Rowen is more the quiet, smart kid. I don't think he'd be going around saying "LOOK AT ME! I GOT AN A!!" I have a hard time seeing that. He is more of a watcher. But he doesn't sit back and miss everything. Its hard to explain, but its a balance between partying and sitting at home like a hermit. He loves life and does live it to his best ability. He is also all about comfort. It plays a big role in his life style. He wears comfortable clothes and regualr old shoes.
He also has a dog, made evident by the picture to above (I would put a picture of both Rowen and Luke over there, but it looks weird with an animation and a real life picture next to each other). He's had his dog for about two years. The dog is one of his bestfriends. He got the dog from an old neighbor that moved away. They couldn't take the dog with them, and knew Rowen loved the dog. The dog is three years old totally, and knew Rowen. Making it a perfect solution to give Rowen the dog.

Rowen loves boats. It's pretty much the one thing both Rowen and Cye love. Of course, Cye loves the water part more than the boat part, but hey, who's counting? This is one of the things that bonds these two. They go boating often. He also loves the whole "nature walk" thing. Hiking is one of his other loves. He loves the sunlight too. This is another different thing than most people have. It's not like he hates the night, in fact, he loves it. But he also loves the baked feeling he gets from the sun. (I know that sounds weird, but go with it!) He also likes working on cars. The whole, "find the problem and fix it" deal appeals to him a lot. He doesn't live for it, but he likes to do it in spare time.

He hates being questioned all the time. Things like "What are you doing?" don't bother him, but the deep questions do. He likes to keep his personal things personal. Hes not a freaky psycho about his personal business, he just prefers to keep it all to himself. And he hates people copying off of him. He is weirdo about that. Don't ask me why, it just ended up like that in my mind. He's totally for people doing their own work. He doesn't even let one of the guys copy from his papers. Thats how freaky he is about it.

Rowens dog is named Luke, meaning its a boy. If this dog is really a girl dog, Im really sorry. But I like this dog, and I wanted Rowen's dog to be a boy, so it is. And I got this picture from tripod clipart. So don't think I stole this pic of someones dog from their web site. :)