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As in the case with Kento, I think Sage has been given an injustice. A bad reputation as a womaniser. I used to be ok with reading a fanfic that made him a pig, but then after a while, it bothered me so much. I can't even read one that hints at him being such a jerk.

My view is that yes, maybe girls follow him. But that doesn't mean he ENJOYS it, or lives for it. You may ask, why do the girls like him if he doesn't pay attention to them? That's a reason in itself. Plus the added bonus that he dresses nice, has manors, treats people with respect, and I suppose is good looking (I can't comment on that because... hes.. well..hes a cartoon character for goodness sakes). He is a very likely boyfriend parents would love, would treat you great, and that you could most definatly "love." And then the hard to get thing. That drives people crazy. I just thought I'd let you know that all now before you read any more of his profile.

Just by looking at his clothes, you can tell he grew up in a house hold where manors are important. He dresses neat (I don't mean as in 'that is so neat'). The boy wears a plain white shirt with itchy looking pants for goodness sakes. This shows that he has been raised with manors and in a house that was more strict than most. I think he wears the clothes he does because he was raised that way. Not that it looks BAD, just uncomfortable. His home life must have been filled with rules. This is also backed up by the fact that his father owns a dojo, and Sage learned things from his father at the dojo. From what I hear, those teachers are strict, and rules & order are important. You must be obedient.

more to come.....