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Personal Info.



Perosonal Info is where I tell personalities and all that stuff. But for Kento's section, I have a little side note to say first. How can he way 138lbs? I know people who weigh more that that and [they are not fat] and do not eat as much as Kento is said to eat. So in my opinion, I think he the amount he eats is greatly exagerated. He is not an eating machine in my opinion, and I think everyone does him injustice by saying he's the garbage disposal. Kento seems to love food, and that's ok in my book. Food is good :) The tv series doesn't show too many times when Kento eats more than an enitre army, at least the American version anyway. I do not know the Japanese version. This whole misconception is the fault of fanfics.

Kento's family is Chinese, from what I gather, and it is not exactly known why he is in least I do not know. I haveread that Kento and Rowen were the only ones to know each other before they got their armors. {But I have also read that Rowen and Sage knew each other from childhood. Which Ronins have known each other first is not official in my book yet. If you find proof who knew who, e-mail me at I'd appreciate it.)

I do not know Kento's personality too well. Few fanfics are written about him, and few people have comments about him, so I do not know much. I do not take the personalities out of fanfics, and say they are reality. I just make a guess from the tv series and what other people think. But I believe that Kento isn't stupid as people try and make him seem. Where ever people got the idea he had the IQ of a 7 year old is beyond me. (if you have proof, e-mail me)

Basically, I think poor Kento is a misunderstood character.