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Venomous Addiction


Welcome to Venomous Addiction. Any sort of fanfic will be accepted here....we've got Sailor Moon, and Ronin Warriors so far. Ronin stories on the left...others on the right.

Ronin Warriors Fanfiction

Realistic Fanfics:
none at time

Normal Fanfiction

Sayuri's Fanfic

If you thought the gang was through with fighting guess again.  A new evil is back and the Ronins have to face their past and futures.  Confused yet well now add in two girls that seem to already know what's going on and have mystic armors.  Finish it off with a strange control sucking woman and you've got TROUBLE... with a capitol "T".

The Destiny Of Five

Star Magic

There are two sections, realistic, and normal. Here are the requirements of a fanfic for each section:

Realistic Fanfiction: The stories in this section make little or no mention of Talpa, fighting the dynasty, and so forth. They use the personalities of any number of characters they use instead of fighting. Like a love story that does not revolve around the fact that they have armors, or that he saved her life with his armor, or anything like that. Almost like the Ronins become normal people. The dynasty and all that can be mentioned, it was a big part of the characters lives, and shaped them into who they are, but the dynasty can not make an appearence in the story. If the dynasty appears or anything like that, it will be put into the Normal Fanfic section. And no magic.

Normal Fanfiction: These are the stories that include the dynasty, new armors, and anything else that has fighting because of armors. Like two people fist fighting over a piece of cheese doesn't count. It's a basic concept, and if you don't understand, re-read it until you do.

Note: If chesse that is being fought over is enchanted, then it will go in the "normal fanfic" section ^.^


This is where all the fanfics that are not about Ronin Warriors are.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the shows or characters from the shows on this page. Neither do any of the authors. The fanfics belong to the authors. If I fail to write who the author is, please contact me and let me know. I will fix it ASAP. If this happens, it is an accident.