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September 7, 2003



Yeah...I'm updating. Don't get TOO excited.....

Anyway I did some cleaning up around the website, deleting fanfics that I have no intention of posting any more of. There isn't really a point of having only some of a story up. Why did I update? My "good web mistress" answer is because I cant stand the idea of being away from my web site and the people who view it (even if they never email me with comments). But the truth is that I was bored. It is 12:22 AM and I have nothing better to do. Of course I DO miss my website and stuff, and I DO feel like being here at the moment, but boredom drove me. I will always miss having something of my very own to tinker with whenever I feel the need to. It is like a car that I can make look any way I want. I think about having another website all the time but I don't know right now. I'll get back to you if I make up my mind. Like you care jerks. hehe

Below is a link to a Yahoo Group called Mystic School of Armors and Defense. Here you can learn things about armors, recieve an armor recognized by the school as genuine, meet other Ronin fans, and have fun. To become a student you must have a yahoo ID. Also, when you sign up you will be put on the pending list. Before you become a real student you must email one of the other teachers telling them why you want to be a student. Its not hard...."I want to learn and get an armor" is pretty much all you need. They just want to weed out the *lazy* people...

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