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Ren/ Mendalina


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Name: Armor of Breeze
Sure-Kill: Gust of Assult
Color: Black and White
Weapon: Stars and one Katana
Other: Mendalin's stars are used in fighting at a distance, and her katana is for close, hand to hand combat. The stars are very powerful, and because of this, the number is limited. They are made and enchanted in the Arctic Realm by priest. They are carried in a special pouch that dangles from the end of the hilt on her katana. Her Katana is also powerful, and gives her the ability to make wind and to stop it. She can hold back rain and all kinds of weather with it. Both armors can call forth snow.


Mendalina is not as popular as Ren, for a few reasons. One, she doesn't really need attention like he does. She is content with just looking over scrolls, practicing with her katana, and magic. She doesn't require parties and constant
company to be happy. She prefers to be alone, and feels cramped when people are constantly around her. Another reason is she doesn't reach out to get to know people. She isn't very social, and it takes a lot of time to get to know all of her personality. People get annoyed by this, and decide she isn't worth the time to take to get to know her. Of course there are some suitors. She is the next ruler
of the realm. But most of them have never talked to her before, and she tends to blow them off if they try. She knows their intentions, and unlike Ren, doesn't want
anything to do with them. She is very close to Ren, and he is the only one who truly knows her. And he is the only one she jokes with, and lets loose around. Once no one is around, other than Ren, she talks a lot, and jokes around with him.


Mendalina's personality is very complicated and changes according to her attitude. She is mostly a quiet person who prefers to direct and do so behind the scences. She isn't one big on publicity, but is not afraid to be in the public eye.


Both of these two have the traits of all royalty. They have brown hair, piercing light blue eyes, and are tall. They are atletic and have fine features on their faces. Long arms match their longs legs, and both are in peak physical condition. Mendalina has a womanly figure, as well as a womanly face, and Ren has a manly figure and a manly face. All royalty are this way.

The people of this realm are very different. They have orange or green hair and brown eyes. They are a strong, more bulky people. They have a shorter stature and rough features. Rarely are they very attractive. All the ones who are, are brought into the castle (both sexes). The people are "made" uglier than royalty for a reason.

When the realm was young, what royalty existed, took all the attractive people, and kept them to themselves. All the attractive people became the fathers and mothers of the next generation of royal people. This made the royals almost a different race--a more commanding one, as well as more attractive. The genes in the royal blood are more dominant than that of others, making the brown hair and blue eyes a reoccuring trait, no matter what. This was done to make the royals seem "better" than the average person, someone to look up to, someone BETTER looking than you. The attractive people are continualy brought into the castle, and become apart of the royalty to ensure beautiful traits. Those who aren't taken into the castle, or refuse to marry a member of the royal family, they are killed or banished. This practice is the norm here, and not considered wrong or barbaric.


The armors of the Arctic Realm were created by a mixture of royalty and seperate powers.

The Armor of Breeze, Mendalina's Armor, had the spirits of three royal people mixed in with all the natural powers left in the realm. Her armor was created first, making it the leader, and slightly stronger than Ren's.

The Armor of Ire, Ren's Armor, was created using the spirits of three royal people. They gave up their spirits in a ritual, plus the anger, fear, terror, and sorrow of the once living people of the realm. The people died after an evil force tried to over take the realm. The evil force ended many peoples lives. Because of this, he often has mood swings while in his armor, and tends to fight for revenge.



Name: Armor of Ire
Sure-Kill: Wrath of Revenge
Color: Black and White
Weapon: Dagger and Katana
Other: Ren's dagger is used incase his Katana is knocked out of his hand. It is not used as an equal weapon, but can be used as one if needed. It is used to help Ren with spells. It has the central power needed to execute a spell properly. It is a very powerful instrument. As a weapon it is effective in close battle, or to surprise an enemy. His dagger can be used in all sorts of magic, ranging from ultering the ground, to changing the weather, to death spells and spells to bind evil. His Katana is used for battle. It is powerful, just as Mendalina's. His armor also has the power to call forth snow.


Ren is the object of many women's affections. His placee in the castle, plus the chance that a woman's child can be the next bearer of an armor, is too irresistble for many of them. He will never be king, unless Mendalina dies before she has children, but children in the royal family will always be provided for. Plus the woman would be showered with gifts, clothes, and attention by the royal family
and staff.

Ren knows that none of the women love him, but he doesn't think about that. He enjoys their company, hoping one day he'll find "the one." He doesn't tell anyone of this hope because of fear af being teased. Mendalina would be ruthless.


Ren is a risk taker, and very brave. As well as loyal, and has a huge amount of pride, which gets in the way. His beliefs are well rooted, and he is not ealiy persuaded. He is open to new ideas, but often chooses to not change things. He loves attention, and is often flashy when he is in battle, showing off and trying to intimidate the enemy. But he doesn't show much emotion. He was tought from a
young age that an enemy will use your emotions against you. He isn't just talk though. He is a very capable fighter, and skilled with magic.


Much of his free time is spent practicing with his swords, and his spells. He loves to be alone in thought too. He is not a stupid person. Very opposite. He is very intellegent. He just has a lot of energy, and loves to spend it. He is capable of sitting still and all that, he just likes to be up and moving.


Their father, the ruler before them, died, leaving Mendalina to rule. Their mother lost her position as queen as soon as he died, and Mendalina became the next ruler, and queen. Their mother died soon after her father. Their Realm is 25,687 Arctic Realm years, or 24,428,337 Earth years. The culture of this realm is very complex and old. Mendalina am younger than most people when they become rulers, but she is very determined.

Ren and Mendalina are 18 in the Arctic Realm. But time moves much slower in my realm, so they are 17,118 on Earth. Here are the conversions.

One year in Arctic Realm equals 951 Earth Years. One month in Arctic Realm equals 317 Earth Years. One week in Arctic Realm equals 35 Earth Years. One day in Arctic Realm equals 5 Earth Years. One hour in Arctic Realm equals 2.5 Earth Years.

There are two hours in one day, 5 days in one week, 9 weeks in one month, and 3 months in one year.

I will tell you about the structure in the castle, and how it works from generation to generation.

Every King and Queen have three triplets. Two to wear armors, and one to take the place of one of the other children incase they die. Well, that was the original belief. But thats all I can give away now. The first born will be the next King or Queen, and becomes the Ruler of the Arctic Realm. If the first born dies, the second born becomes new ruler and the third takes the first born's armor. The third born becomes the new leader. The second born will never become the leader. If the first born had children before they die, their children recive the armors as soon as they are old enough, as well as become the next leaders. The older generation give their armors to their correspondant children. Like the second born gives their to the next second born, and so on. They train them until they teach them everything they know. The first born stays ruler until death, then their oldest child become next leader. This continues forever.

Each royal child chooses their mate alone. There is no pressure for everyone to be married. But they usually pick from a limited selection of 'well bred' people that live in part of the castle. They usually do not marry common towns people. It is looked down upon, but does happen. Only one of the three children have to have offspring, or even get married, to ensure a next generation. If the first born reaches 20 without haveing any children, and doesn't have any babies on the way, the other two children are free to have children. In this case the first of the three to have children will be the parents of the next owners of the armors, and the next ruler of the realm. It's confusing, I know. If you have any questions, just contact me and I'll try to answer as best as I can.

The Arctic Realm is the name of the realm they are from. It has a climate that matches its name. It snows all the time and is never free of ice. The sun shines, but the snow does not leave. They grow their plants in a special place that is freed from snow by magic. It is worked by the people of the realm.