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The Gathering

Rulers of Their World


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The ruler known as "Secrets" is just that. A secret. She is a mystery as far as the others are concerned. And in being so, she can effectivly hold all the peoples secrets. She is the holder of every secret meeting, the holder of every secret between best friends, and the holder of a secret untold love. All of it lays inside her, apart of her. She attends most meetings, but rarely voices her opinion. She keeps to herself all the time, and rarely leaves her chambers. She loves keeping their secrets, and loves thinking about every last one she knows.

Her secrets are apart of the reason she rarely talks. The more she talks the more of a chance she would tell one. To her, that is the worst thing possible. If she were to tell one of her secrets, she would be loosing apart of her soul.

As her name points out, she remains innocent. Even if corruption is still around innocence will remain in her. She represents the innocece in the people and her voice ensures innocence is not completely lost in situations. She is a nice person and very generous. She attends every meeting because her opinion is important.

She represents the civil, calm, collected mannered side of all human beings. She is one of the head people of them all because of her good nature. And because she is something that is vital to life. She lives a life of manner and is very articulate.
She presides over a lot of meetings and always attends. Even if she says nothing. She often settles arguments and beleives in peace and equality.

Not only physical youth, but also spiritually speaking forms of youth, live in her. She in energentic an happy, but also sad and upset. Because she represents youth she is like a young child and a teen at different times. But she mostly acts like a teenager, which means she lives constantly in the teen awkward phase.
She addes fervor to the meetinga and makes sure youth is represented. She may be *young* but she is still responsible and a valid member of the team.

more to come soon.....