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How Important Is a Baby Name?

This site is currently the only site I used for baby names. All of them come from here. I do not claim ownership of the names from this site. If I made up a name, and it appears here, it is complete coincidence. I did not steal it.

Creative Writing for Teens -- A community of teen writers

This site is great to find pointers on creating characters, many name links, and even things written by other people. I found it after I started A.Y.N.T.C.Y.V.O.F. Its very simular but it doesnt offer chacters for use. AGAIN: I MADE A.Y.N.T.C.Y.V.O.F. BEFORE I FOUND THIS SITE!!!

This is a dictionary..just as the name says.....

Quiz Box--Personality Tests

Maybe you can use this to learn more about your charcter, you know, answer from their perspective...or just do it for yourself. LOL.