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Anything You Need To Create Your Very Own Fanfic

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~Last Updated~ 
April 7, 2002

Want a character? Need a character for your fanfic? You just need a story idea? Well, you've come to the right place. I had an inspiration. Since I no longer wish to use Ren and Mendalina, or the idea of their story, it is up for grabs! That's right, and it's free.

Want to know why? I don't have time to write the story. Plain and simple huh? I plan to put up other story ideas, as well as possible character names, descriptions of characters you can use, and anything else you crave. I have a few houses designed that once I upload, can be used as your characters houses. And much more. Basically, I am making it possible for you to be a little lazy. Just click a link and look at the characters, and read about them. So far all I have up is Mendalina and Ren's, but more will come soon. I doubt any other "profiles" will be as detailed as theirs, for the simple fact that I was planning to use them in a specific story, with a specific plot, thus they were totally planned out. But I plan to make more, so click a link on the top and see what you like. And click the "Rules" link to see my rules.


4/7/02 has been awhile. I always seem to say that when I update here.....Anyway, I added a "Helpful Hints" page. It is not DONE or anything, but it is here. Enjoy....and sorry about typing errors...I didn't have much time to go over and fix it. BYE!