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Doesn't it suck that everything fun has to have rules? Well, this is no different. All the characters, ideas, and houses are productions of my mind. I am only offering them to you because I like making up characters, and because I am so incredibly nice. Well, here are the rules.

~ You cannot just take the characters. You MUST get permission from me.
~ You must have a web site. If you don't, you must give me the addy to the one it will be on as well as the email of the creator
~ Each character can be used a maximum of two times. If 100 stories with Mendalina and Ren in them were out there, don't you think people would get annoyed? **
~ If I create a character, with a certain kind of life, and that does plays a certain role in a story, that character must remain that way. You cannot use their personality only, if they come with more. Sucks huh? The reason is I create them with those things in mind, and I'd like to keep them that way. **
~ I must get credit people. You must make it noticable my all people who read your story, that the character/idea(s) came from me. And you must link to my site.
~ No homosexual relationships between characters unless it is in their bio. If you want to change the sexuality of a character, contact me. I cannot stress this enough. ASK ME! **

Well, thats all for now. Rules that have ** at the end are subject to change. If you want to propose that I bend the rules for a certain reason, don't be afraid to ask. The worst that I could do is say no. As for the other rules, you CAN ask, but there is less chance that something will happen.