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Oriana is one princess of her kindom. There is one other sister, named Italiyah Gwenuivere Marrenai, who is also a princess. Oriana the equivalent of an "evil snake" in fanfics. She is a secretive person who has personal goals that makes sure are reached.
Her intellegence is one of her biggest weapons. Her IQ could probably rival, if not beat, Rowen's. What makes it a more descructive weapon is it is secret and can be used to her advantage. No one in the castle thinks she is stupid, they just don't have a problem telling her big things because they don't think she could possibly do anything with it. Plus she uses what she knows to its full advantage.

The court is just as you would think. The advisors to the King and other royalty. They hold much knowledge because of their old age. Oriana makes sure to learn all she can from them. They even teach her some old magic. They are an untapped source by any other means. Her father doesn't seek adivice from them too often, and her sister never speaks to them if she can help it. She has more knowledge than her sister in this way.

Favorites: heated agruments with court, sitting in the garden to think,riding her horse (horse is brown fading into black as goes down legs, black hair and black nose), debates with bestfriend

Attitude: very courdual, polite, good manners, and listens to all sides before saying they are wrong hears people out (except sister)

Family (relations): sister-bad mom-average or normal dad-she has much respect for him but also thinks he is a blind fool sometimes. brother- wonderful relationship

Bestfriend: Aruora, girl her age who is the daughter of the head of the court

Contacts: court, priestess, priests, magicians, and everyone in the castle itself, excpet people like cooks and stuff
Magic abilities: she controls the elements of lightening and wind. Plus she can hear peoples thoughts with much concentration (only for three to four seconds, or the main idea.) and she knows some spells because she hangs around magicians a lot.

Other: she is very devious and cunning. she uses her princessy appeal to learn things. People think she is glamerous and beautiful in every way, but she actually has evil intentions towards certain people. She is very resourceful. She has evil intentions with juts about everything thing she does. Shye does nothing to help anyone, unless it helps her. She comes across as a nice person. Not many people know the real her.

Full Name: Oriana Kahleigh Marrenai

DOB: February 5

Age: 16

Hair: strawberry blond, straight, down to butt, straight down, not angeled. always in an ornate style

Eyes: light blue

Height: medium tall

Face: smaller nose, average cheek bones

Attire: dresses, fancy, gloves, high heels. Wears jewelry and trinkets

Over all look: good figure, and over exaggerated by the clothes she wears. (like a princes should)