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Story Ideas


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This is where all the story ideas are going to be put. The characters in the story ideas may not be completely described, or a portion is missing. This is because they are simply story IDEAS. They may appear as scenes (opening or just a possible scene in the fanfic), an over view of the entire fanfic idea, just parts, or any other way. Not all ideas will be by me (Nasuko).

Strata's Companions

Idea One: This is a new idea I had during my horrible Science class. ::Shudders:: I won't go into detail as to why it is a place where happiness goes to die.

But As I was saying, I was inspired with an idea. We were taking our own notes on the layers of Earth's atmosphere (fun topic isn't it?) and I happened across the layer named Stratosphere. Hmm...anyone else making a connection? Well I did. It is VERY close to 'Strata' which we all know is Rowen's armor name. AND Rowen and his connection to space because of his armor. Too many coincidences to ignore. So the wheels in my head began turning for the first time that day and I realised that this would be a great story idea.

My idea is this: Three new armors appear, with the names similar to the three other layers of Earth's atmosphere. Meaning four total. I do not have the names of the armors yet. Nor do I have the powers and such of the armors. But they all will look like Rowen's, just little differences. I will be working with this idea alot. I like it!

*I also plan on finding a way for ALL the ronin's to have companions. But I need to find a way. If you have any suggestions, just let me know and I will give you credit.

Story Idea by: Nasuko
Armor Soul
Look at the characters called armor soul. Basically I think using these characters you can create many story ideas. The spirits could "tear apart" the armor into two seperate armors, one good, one evil. A Ronin could have a personal conflict that makes them think evil thoughts and give power to the evil spirit. It is endless. I don't have ONE idea for this because I like the idea. It is pretty much open to you.
story idea by: Nasuko